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You will need a dependable water supply for the present and future.
An average household used about 200-400 gallons of water per day.  That means, for a family of four, a well needs to yield 10-25 gallons per minute (gpm) to meet their needs.  A well yielding less will require a storage tank.
fresh water from well drilling
Harich Enterprises can provide your complete water well system.  We start with a detailed written estimate.  Upon approval, we furnish a written contract detailing the scope of our work.  We obtain your permits from your local Environmental Health Services.  After your well is drilled, the site is cleaned up and the cuttings and drilling fluids are disposed of.  We size the correct pump based on the yield of your well and install the necessary storage tanks.  Finally, a Well Completion Report is provided to the State Water Resources Board, your local Environmental Health Service, and to you the home owner.

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Water wells are commonly drilled in one of two methods.  The first is air rotary and the second is mud rotary drilling.  We determine the best method based on the geology of the area.

The drilled hole is lined with steel or PVC well casing that serves at the structural support to prevent hole collapse and to protect the well from any contaminated ground water.  The casing will have screened or perforated sections that allow water to enter the well.

A high quality, washed aquarium gravel can be used in the annulus space to filter the ground water prior to it entering the screened areas.

A sanitary seal is installed per local code regulations.  This seals the space between the side of the drilled hole and the casing with and impermeable material, usually cement.  Generally, wells must be sealed to at least 20 feet below ground.  This important step help gaurd the well against surface contaminates.


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Our technicians will throughly check every aspect of your water pump to ensure that your water pumping efforts are operating at 100%.