What the H@*% Does a Well Look Like?!

Many of our prospective clients ask, “What does a well look like when it is finished?”.

It a great question as most of what you pay for is unseen! Two of the most popular choices are shown below. The first is an above grade well head assembly. We pour a 6′-6″ x 6′-6″ x 4″ thick, reinforced concrete slab around the well head. On this slab we can mount your pressure tank, any filtration systems you select, and the control systems. Then you can build any structure over it to protect it from the elements and complement the design of your home.

The second option is a below grade vault. We have a custom steel vault built for your specific design and install it with a traffic rated lid. This is a perfect solution for wells that are drilled in a driveway or an area where a well house would detract from your view.

We customize each well to fit your specific needs.

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